Trails to Love

Book 3 of the Summer Trails Series

Camp is nearly over, and Jessa finds herself the love-target of not one, but several young men. As suitors vie for her attention, Jessa is distracted by something she considers a far-worse crisis; the disastrous new relationship between two people she cares about. As Jessa predicts a catastrophic break-up, old vices resurface and the truth begins to skew. At the same time, a close friend is determined to uncover a guarded secret and pressures Jessa to help. Worst of all, the fear of losing her beloved horse Fairlight looms ever nearer, and Jessa feels powerless to prevent it.

Amidst the struggles of trying to figure out her own heart, a mysterious admirer makes his intentions known, and Jessa is faced with a choice. Can Jessa give her love-life to God, and trust Him to show her which trail to take?

“Book 3 packs a punch: drama, romance, and best of all, fun! The perfect light read for horse-lovers ages 11-18.”