Violet in the West

A Sequel to Sisters in the West

Violet Anderson has always longed-for adventure…and she gets more than she bargained for in this thrilling journey to the Wild West!

Her excursion to West Peaks, Alberta is more than just a trip; it’s a noble quest to fulfill an old man’s last wish. At the same time, Violet can’t wait to be reunited with dear friends Nellie and Claire Preston, and to help celebrate Nellie’s wedding.

What Violet doesn’t count on is the persistent attention of a devilish outlaw, who seems bound and determined to win her heart. No one else seems to trust convicted criminal Brown Bart; why should she? Yet Violet senses there may be more to Bart than his rough-and-tough exterior. She just hopes she’s right; because before she knows it she’s falling hard and there’s not much she can do to stop it.

Meanwhile dark forces are at work in the little western town. Old grudges flare up, and Violet’s faith is shaken as she doesn’t know who to trust. She and her friends are caught up in the middle of a deadly scheme; one that threatens Violet’s very existence. Her only hope is the man she barely knows; will Bart pull through and save her, or is he really as bad as his reputation promises?

“Violet in the West features a fearless heroine, evil villains, a handsome outlaw and a plot full of drama and adventure. Sequel to Sisters in the West, readers of all ages will devour this exciting western-historical-romance.”